KGRA-dB App Now Available

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Chatroom is only for those 18 years of age or older. KGRA is not responsible for the content in the chatroom and your experience may vary. Please see our Terms Of Service for further details

Welcome to the new KGRA Listener Lounge (chat room).
Here are a few things that might help you enjoy your chat more.

A KGRA Membership/Account on the website is different from an account for the chat room.

You should see a big rectangular box in the lower left hand corner of your browser window. There is a place for a user name and password. This is the ONLY place to log into the chat room. If you look at the bottom of that area you will see a place where you can log in as a guest or you can use your Facebook account to log in as well.

There are three icons in the upper right hand corner of the chat box. The first is to open the chat in it’s own window. The second is to move the chat box from the left to the right and the third (X) is to minimize NOT close the chat box. When the box is minimized you will see a gray circle with an empty chat bubble in the lower left hand corner of your browser. If a message comes through, you will actually see the message displayed there. Just click on that icon to open the chat back up.

To log out you have a couple of options.
1. Close or leave the page the chat is embedded on.
2. IF the chat is popped out, close the window.
3. Your name is in the upper left hand corner just under KGRA-dB Chat. Click on that and you should see an option to log out.

There is a support chat room for people to help each other out and for the next week or so, the is open for anyone with further questions.