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Gralien Report

Gralien Report

Airing LIVE Every Monday at 6:00 pm EST

About The Show

The Gralien Report is your weekly source for the latest news in science, unexplained phenomena, history, sci-fi, and other compelling news from around the world. With each weekly broadcast, we attempt to explore the mysteries of our existence by relying on scientific knowledge, but with an open mind, and without catering to unfair or cynical criticism.
The Gralien Report is hosted by researcher Micah Hanks, along with his cohost Matthew Oakley, and broadcasts live from 6 to 8 PM ET at Podcasts are available at, and through iTunes and other popular podcasting apps.

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Micah Hanks Bio

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, podcaster, lecturer and radio personality whose work addresses a variety of areas, including history, politics, scientific theories and unexplained phenomena. Open minded, but skeptical in his approach, his research has examined a broad variety of subjects over the years, incorporating interest in scientific anomalies, cultural studies, psychology, sci-fi and pop culture, government secrecy, and the prospects of our technological future as a species as influenced by science.
He is author of several books, including his most recent work, The Ghost Rockets, as well as his 2011 release Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule: The Search for Sentient Intelligence from Other Worlds, and his in-depth podcasting instructional handbook, The Complete Guide to Maverick Podcasting. In 2012, his book The UFO Singularity explored themes that incorporated futurism and technology–both speculatively, and at times skeptically–into an analysis of UFO phenomena. Hanks is a blogger for Mysterious Universe, and has written for a variety of print publications, in addition to having appeared on various TV and radio programs. His weekly Gralien Report Podcast is available at, in addition to a news and current events podcast, Middle Theory, available at
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Matthew Oakley Bio

Matthew Oakley is a podcaster and writer whose articles have been featured at The Gralien Report and Intrepid Magazine, in addition to regional publications in Western North Carolina that include The Asheville Tribune. He is fiercely independent, and is outspoken with his writing regarding political topics and happenings both in the United States and abroad. With background in management and the health care industry, Oakley’s approaches to the study of media and the unexplained are practical; he is also well known as a purveyor of fine cocktails. But perhaps most of all, Oakley is also renowned throughout the underworld for his calm, accepting gaze, having earned him nicknames that include “The Reverend” and “Kind Eyes” by the denizens of the cavernous Hollow Earth.

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