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Expanded Perspectives


Expanded Perspectives

Airing LIVE Every Monday at 12:00am EST

About The Show

Expanded Perspectives is a truly unique audio experience for those interested in all things Fortean. Each episode Kyle and Cam present an open minded approach to these strange and unusual events. Each and every week they explore ancient history, alternative history, cryptozoology, UFOs, the paranormal, serial killers, all things bizarre and showcase it with top notch audio, background music and sound effects. Kind of a new twist on old style story telling. From time to time they even have some of your favorite authors and researchers like Scott Wolter, Nick Redfern, Linda Godfrey, Lyle Blackburn, Micah Hanks, Jim Harold, John Anthony West, Robert Schoch and many, many others. If you are interested in fringe topics and enjoy a good story in laid back format then join Expanded Perspectives.

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About Kyle Philson

Kyle Philson was born on August 9th in Fort Worth, Texas. His mother and father were life long residents of New Jersey and moved south only a few years before his birth in order so seek out a better living. Growing up in rural Texas in a small town outside of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, Kyle spent a lot of time in the woods hunting, fishing and camping. His early interest in the paranormal was first sparked by his father and uncles. Watching shows like Unsolved Mysteries and In Search Of along with reading numerous books by John Keel and Ivan T. Sanderson, Kyle became fascinated by UFOs, Bigfoot, time slips and parallel universes. Keeping an open mind and exploring these topics, he strives to present theses stories and experiences shared by only a few in a fun and light hearted way. Kyle currently lives in Texas with his wife and three sons.

About Cam Hale

Cameron was born and raised in Texas and comes from a long family heritage of Texans that can be traced back to before the Lone Star State gained it’s independence. Growing up in a rural country town he spent the majority of his time outdoors. Receiving his first taste of archery at the age of 5, he started down a path that lead him on solo camping and hunting trips across the state as well as many other states. Like most his fascination with the strange and unusual started young with shows like In Search Of and Unsolved Mysteries. Diving deeper into these subjects at his the local library, only fueled the flames that have led him to where he is today. With an open mind and adventurers heart, Cam looks to present the stories of the strange in a fun and intriguing manner. Cam still lives in the great state of Texas with his wife and two children.

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