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Task Force Gryphon

Task Force Gryphon

Airing LIVE Every Sunday at 7:00pm EST

About The Show
A Gryphon is a spiritual and mystical “hybirdized” creature of the known animals of our world: eagles and lions. It has many myths and legends of divinity, guardianship, and seeker of truth. It serves as an excellent symbol and metaphor for the show and mission of TF Gryphon. Each week the exploration is on for the paranormal, extraterrestrial, conspiracy-deception, black/special operations program, geo-political, and often the intersection of topics in all dimensions. TF Gryphon is a parallel track to the many great shows on KGRA. As often described to guests and sponsors when working them for an interview on the show, TF Gryphon can and will go from serious to silly and everywhere in between in less than sixty seconds and return.
Commander Cobra Bio

The host, Commander Cobra, a retired US Military officer and aviator. When not doing the show he works as a Professional Military Contractor primarily for aviation and a substitute school teacher. He taps a lifelong network of friends, colleagues, and occasionally former adversaries with new discoveries, insights, and experiences for the show. As he often recites: “I grew up in the military and aviation, all I wanted to ever do, very blessed to have had a chance at so much. Often when I look back the play book resembled Mad”s Spy v Spy!”

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