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Dark Matters Radio Show

Dark Matters Radio Show

Airing LIVE Every Friday And Saturday

 At 8:00 PM EST

About The Show

“Asking Questions and Questioning Answers” – Dive deep into UFO and Paranormal Research and Lunar Phenomena with Legendary Host Don Ecker. As a former Police Investigator and Director of Research for UFO magazine and Creator of Dark Matters Radio. Don digs deep into Dark Matters with high profile guests to bring you the information you need to better understand the world and space around us.

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Don Ecker Bio

Don Ecker is the Director of Research for UFO Magazine. As a medically retired law enforcement officer, he puts a skeptical and honest eye on UFO and paranormal subjects. Ecker hosted the critically acclaimed radio programs UFOs Tonite! and Strange Daze for six years, interviewing the important personalities in the UFO and paranormal fields and related areas. Later, along with his close friend, television and film star Dwight Schultz of The A-Team and Star Trek fame, he hosted Dark Matters on the Reality Radio Network. Currently, Dark Matters can be heard on

Don Ecker is a Vietnam vet and an medically retired law enforcement officer. Ecker enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1969 and was selected for a top secret agency. After his training he was posted in Okinawa. In 1971 he was assigned to Vietnam. In April of 1972 Ecker was wounded and was honorably discharged after several months recovering in military hospitals.

Ecker has hosted UFO’s Tonight and Strange Daze for six years before moving on to host Dark Matters. He has also appeared on Larry King Live and in numerous documentaries on the History and Discovery channels and on Coast to Coast AM.

While working as a police detective in 1981-1982, he investigated two cattle mutilation cases which eventually lead to his creation of the vampire novel, Past sins.

Richard Sarradet Bio

Richard grew up in New Orleans and later joined the Army and became an artillery officer. Eventually Richard moved out to Los Angeles, California where he became a major cast member for the Soap Opera, General Hospital for the next three years. He then entered into film production and wrote and pitched UFO themed programs in the late 1980’s through the mid 90’s.

Rich has done “Friday Nights with Don and Rich” for 7+ years. Their friendship goes back to 1991, when Rich approached Don and Vicki about partnering to develop UFO-themed product for film and TV.

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